Wedding at The Villa | Boston Wedding Photography

Katey and Patrick had planned for months on having an outdoor ceremony at the Villa at Ridder Country Club in East Bridgewater, surrounded by fall foliage and in the shadows of the setting sun.  (Of course they had a solid back-up plan to have the ceremony indoors if needed.)  But when their wedding day arrived, the weather wasn’t really “bad,” it was just kind of…”icky.”  It was barely raining, kind of cold, kind of gray, but not really terrible.  The kind of weather where you’re not unhappy to be outside, but you’re happy when you finally get inside.  You know?  I watched as they grappled with the decision on whether or not to move the ceremony inside – carefully considering everyone’s opinion and advice.  And I was so proud of them when they decided to stick with their original plan.  Katey told me later that the only thing she really wanted was an outdoor ceremony.  So dammit, that is what she got.

Luckily, since they are smarty pants, they had ordered about 150 plastic ponchos for their guests – just in case.  A bunch of guests donned their little ponchos, some had umbrellas, and some snuggled together.  Meanwhile, Katey and Patrick had the lovely ceremony they wanted.  It always really warms my heart when I see couples making their weddings their own and defying convention and expectation.  Congratulations to Katey & Patrick on staying strong!

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