5 Reasons Why you Need a New LinkedIn Profile Picture

Okay, so you’re human.

You hate having your picture taken. You never like how you look in photos. It’s easier to snap a selfie than it is to pay a professional photographer. You don’t want to spend a lot of time on your portrait.

But guess what?

That all shows up in your LinkedIn profile picture if you don’t put the time and effort into a great headshot. Get out of your PJs, get a haircut, and invest in a profile picture that communicates your expertise, personality and professionalism.

Here are 5 reasons why you need a new LinkedIn picture.

1.  Your LinkedIn profile picture is a photo of you on vacation. And your family is cropped out of it.

Nothing says “I didn’t invest any time or energy in my profile picture” like cropping an old group photo. Do you really look like the smart, energetic, and valuable professional that you are when you’re on vacation with your family? Facebook is a great venue to show off family vacation photos – on LinkedIn we want to know about the professional you.

2.  It’s a selfie.

There is nothing wrong with a self-portrait – and during the height of the Pandemic, it was the best a lot of us can do. But when you take a selfie with your computer’s camera or you’re holding the camera phone out in front of you and your hand and arm are visible in the shot, we know that you didn’t put any effort, time, or thought into your photo. Selfies are cool on Instagram, but not appropriate for LinkedIn.

3.  You used a camera phone.

Admit it. You passed your smartphone to a coworker, had them take a photo of you, and tried to pass it off as a professional portrait. And I bet you didn’t even think to get away from the horrible fluorescent lighting in the office. Smartphone cameras are great for many things – I use mine all the time – but they are not the right tool for your professional portrait on LinkedIn.

4.  Your picture on LinkedIn looks like a mug shot.

If you’re LinkedIn profile picture looks like you just got arrested, it’s time for a new one.  Portraits are more than just a description of what you look like – they express personality, energy, integrity, creativity, and professionalism. Your LinkedIn profile should look like you at your best, as the smart and in-demand professional that you are; not you getting fingerprinted after a bender. At least comb your hair.

5.  You have no picture on LinkedIn.

Anyone who doesn’t have an image on LinkedIn is going to get passed over by potential clients, customers, employers, and networking partners. If you still don’t have a picture on LinkedIn, and instead are relying on that blank little square to hold your space, you’re telling the world that networking just isn’t that important to you. You’re saying, “I don’t need more contacts!” “I don’t want a better job!” But you DO. Act like it.

Take action now!

Having your portrait taken for your LinkedIn profile doesn’t have to cost you thousands of dollars. My basic portrait session here in the studio is only $250. And you can use your new photos not only on LinkedIn, but on your business website, your Facebook profile, your book cover, and your speaker sheet. What’s not to love? If you don’t want your headshot taken in a studio, I’ll happily help you brainstorm a location that tells a story about you and your business.

Are you ready? Contact me today to schedule your session.

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