Valentine’s Day Photographs

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Well, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, which means that I should be posting photographs of handsome couples, walking hand-in-hand on the beach, gazing into each others’ eyes and lolling about in their romantic haze.  I should be blogging about the Valentine’s Day portrait special that I am offering (15% off a portrait session if you contact me before 2/14!)  But I show examples of those kinds of photographs every time I shoot a wedding, or a newly engaged couple, or a couple with their brand new baby.  And I have been plugging the Valentine’s Day portrait special, so there you go.

However, I still do want to share in the Valentine’s Day festivities!  So here, for you all to enjoy, is a hastily made photo collage, full of pictures of things red and pink from past weddings, food photo shoots, events, portrait sessions and commercial shoots.  Just something different.  There is something so cathartic about revisiting old photographs.  I always manage to discover something I had completely forgotten about.

I will try to do something more creative for Valentine’s Day before it actually arrives!

Collage of red and pink commercial photographs
Valentine's Day Photo Collage!
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