An intimate wedding ceremony

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In early April, Angie and Geoff were married in a private ceremony in Boston’s Public Garden.  With only their officiant and their wedding photographer (yours truly) in attendance, they quietly pledged their love for one another in the shadow of the Angel of the Waters statue.  Their wedding was on a Thursday afternoon, which meant that the normally buzzing Public Garden was fairly empty and they were truly able to enjoy the private ceremony they had hoped for.

Sometimes I think that people who are planning intimate ceremonies and mid-week ceremonies are inclined to skip hiring a photographer – it saves money and is one less thing to think about!  But when you’re planning a small ceremony, an elopement, or a mid-week wedding, it’s even MORE important to have a wedding photographer!  How else you will you remember the magic of the ceremony without professional photos?  I offer special rates to couples planning mid-week ceremonies, so before you write off photography, call me and let’s talk about what you’re looking for.

It’s a great honor to be the wedding photographer at private ceremonies like Angie & Geoff’s because I get to be one of the few people to bear witness to the event.  Can you imagine a greater honor?  To be one of only a handful of people at a wedding, and to have the opportunity to document the wedding for the couple, their families, and friends.  It gives me chills just thinking about how special my job is!

On this bright April day, after they quietly said their vows to one another and exchanged rings – and after we all shed a few tears – the three of us walked around Boston and made lovely portraits of the newlyweds celebrating and smiling.  It was one of those glorious clear days in early April and even though it was chilly, these two were certainly warm enough.

Congratulations to Angie and Geoff on their new life together!

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