Think About Summer Family Portraits!

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It’s the middle of February, still cold and rather miserable in New England. So it makes sense that you may not be daydreaming about lovely family portraits taken in the summer sun.

But you should!

For two reasons, really.

One, because daydreaming about fun and authentic outdoor family portrait sessions in the late afternoon summer sun is just a fun thing to think about. And two, because as summer approaches, ALL of our calendars will begin to fill up and you don’t want to miss your chance!

I love summer family photo sessions because we can be outside, and especially when little kids are involved, outside is the place to be! My family portrait sessions are laid-back and fun, we play games, encourage the kids to run and jump, try to generate as much authentic laughter as possible, and use all the space we can get. Parks like the Arnold Arboretum, Larz Anderson, Prospect Park in Waltham, Hall’s Pond Sanctuary, and Jamaica Pond are all perfect places (or your own backyard!). We want to have plenty of space for running and laughing, and plenty of foliage to help filter the late afternoon sun, keeping us cool and shaded.

Of course, the hard thing about summer family portrait sessions is that times are limited. Between scheduling camps, playdates, vacations, work, summer school, and general summer fun, it is hard to find times when families can be together for portrait sessions. If you’re interested in scheduling a session for this summer, get in touch now! What we can do is schedule two dates (so we have a built-in rain date), and then you can rest assured knowing we’re on each other’s calendars.

Then we wait and watch the weather, hoping we get the kind of dreamy summer light that is worth waiting for! So reach out now, let’s pick some dates, and hope for beautiful weather and great smiles.

Can’t wait to hear from you!

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