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We’ve all seen awkward engagement photos on the internet and cringed.  (The guy with no shirt on?  The couple hugging a parking meter?  If you don’t know what I am talking about, search for “awkward engagement photos” and have a good belly laugh.)  But I promise you that engagement sessions are about so much more than showing off a fancy diamond.  For me and my wedding clients, they actually have much less to do with the actual “engagement” (read: fake poses and forced smiles) and much more to do with getting comfortable in front of the camera and spending some fun time with me. This is the true hidden value of engagement sessions, actually.  They are a chance to learn some basic posing ideas, get practice working with a photographer, and spend time getting to know the person who will be literally at your side for most of your wedding day.

I offer complimentary engagement sessions to all of my wedding clients because I really believe in their value to help us get the most authentic and natural-looking photos of you two at your wedding.  Being photographed is awkward for most people; and being photographed as a couple is doubly awkward.  During your session, we spend an hour at a park somewhere in Boston where we have a little bit of privacy and the chance to work through the awkwardness, get out the kinks, and make some really beautiful photos.  I coach you through it, offering tips and ideas, helping with poses, telling you to stop looking at the camera, and trying to make you laugh.  The whole session is practice, practice, practice.

Every couple I work with arrives to the engagement session with a combination of nerves, dread, and hesitation.  And every couple ends the session with a comment like, “That was actually fun!” or “This was really helpful.”  So trust me.  Embrace the engagement session and take it as a chance to learn and laugh.

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