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Saturday is Valentine’s Day, which you are not likely to forget if you stop into any pharmacy and get bombarded by the heart-shaped candy.  Aside from eating oodles of candy, I am not really one to celebrate Valentine’s Day as the cliched holiday that it has become.  Sure, I’ll send a card to my mom to let her know I am thinking about her.  But since I am a wedding photographer, I literally get to celebrate love and romance all the time; everyday is Valentine’s Day!  I hear love stories every time I meet with new clients, I see newlyweds enchanted with each other during every first dance, and I hear toast after toast declaring each couple as “perfect for each other.”  For a romantic like me, being a wedding photographer is pretty much the best job in the world.  My heart is constantly exploding from love and sweetness.

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If you aren’t in the wedding business, though, and therefore aren’t treated to sweet stories and clinking glasses all the time, make sure you take this Valentine’s Day to tell celebrate love.  Call your mom.  Bring a small gift to the old lady who lives down the street.  Give your kids an extra squeeze.  Bring your sweetie breakfast in bed.  Pretend you’re a wedding photographer and look for love everywhere you turn – you’ll be surprised by how much you see.

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