Non Profit Theater Program | Photography for Organizations

At the end of last year, I connected with a team of dedicated folks who are launching a non-profit youth organization – currently called Broadway Experience, but soon-to-be-renamed – that introduces urban youth to the world of live theater through workshops, discussions, and (best of all) trips to live performances.  I’m working with their branding team at Marquis Design to create images that show how incredible the program is.   Between the passion that the teachers have for theater, the energy that the kids demonstrate during the planned activities, and the magic of watching them arrive – some of them for the first time – at a glitzy theater downtown, there are tons of great moments to document and share.  I hope that these images can demonstrate just how effective this non-profit group is at enriching kids’ lives.

The documentary photographs that I create will be used primarily in this not-for-profit organization’s fundraising materials, but likely a website and social media platforms as well.  Stay tuned as “Broadway Experience” continues to grow.  It will be an organization to watch as it grows over the course of this year.

Non profit action photos1 Non profit action photos2 Non profit action photos3 Non profit action photos4 Non profit action photos5 Non profit action photos6 Non profit action photos7 Non profit action photos8 Non profit action photos9 Non profit action photos10

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