Boston Black Tie Wedding | Boston Wedding Photographer

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Last fall, Allison and Emeline were married in a gorgeous wedding at the Ritz Carlton in downtown Boston.  They were surrounded by gentlemen in tuxedos, dazzling women, and glasses of Kentucky bourbon from Allison’s hometown.  The whole night was beautiful, but by far the most stunning were the two brides.  One in a white dress and one in black, they were both the definitions of elegance.  Of joy, too!  I have known Allison for many years – we knew each other in college – and I can certify that on her wedding day she was as happy as I had ever seen her.  I think it goes without saying that being witness to a couple’s joy and bliss is one of the best parts of my job.  How can you not smile when you look through these wedding photos?  As always, my goal was to capture these two women as their authentic selves, without forcing moments or poses that felt unnatural.  So here they are, beautiful, happy, relaxed, comfortable, and in love.





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