Tips to Prepare for your Senior Portrait Session

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Your senior portrait session is coming up and you want to look like the smart, impressive, and confident high school senior that you are!  Here are some tips to help you prepare for your session so that you can show up ready to look your best.

1.  Take care of yourself in the days and nights before your photo.  Get plenty of sleep and drink a lot of water!

2.  We want you want to look and feel authentic and polished, not brand new. Get your hair cut or colored at least a few days before your session, take care with shaving your face that morning, and make sure you’ve tried on your clothes at least a few times. Nothing new on photo shoot day!

3.  Choose clothes that fit well and flatter your body, that are true to your personality and personal style, and in which you feel comfortable. During a senior portrait session, we may be walking, standing, and sitting, so you want to wear clothes that feel and look good doing all of those things! Comfort=confidence.

4.  As a general rule of thumb, avoid clothing with distracting patterns, words, or bright colors that will distract from your face. The colors you wear should compliment your skin, eye, and hair colors. You know what works best. When in doubt, white and black are always classic colors to wear. Also feel free to bring multiple options! You could change mid-session, or I can help you make a decision when you arrive.

5.  Even if you don’t wear makeup on a normal day, I do recommend some amount of makeup for your portrait session. (If you would like recommendations for professional makeup artists, let me know!) Always go with matte makeup – never shimmery or you’ll look too shiny – and bring some translucent powder with you for touchups.

And finally, know that you’re in good hands. I will not let you leave the session without feeling confident in your photo selections, and without having had genuine fun. Being photographed isn’t easy, but I promise to make it painless and get you photos you actually love.

Just be yourself; I do the rest.

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