Angela & Sandy’s Jamaica Plain Wedding

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I am entering my tenth year as a professional wedding photographer, and I have a lot of “favorite” weddings. I really do. Weddings that were authentic and unique, as fun as they were beautiful, and as quirky as they were traditional. I have photographed a wedding in a hurricane, second and third weddings, weddings with pets, and weddings in snow. I have seen some amazing shows of love and commitment and hilarity all wrapped up together. But I have never, ever seen a wedding as wonderful, fun, down-to-earth, real, unique, personalized, and just plain old out-of-the-box as Angela and Sandy’s wedding last month. I even cried.


I think what made their wedding particularly unique is that Angela and Sandy had put so much time into contemplating what their wedding meant to them on a spiritual and personal level. So much time. I don’t even know how much time. But these two individuals are some of the most thoughtful and contemplative people I have ever met. (Every time we got together, I found myself challenged again to push myself to think critically about something that I had never considered before. Once the conversation was about the difference between “wondering” about something and “wanting to know” about something.)

Anyway, they poured their hearts and souls into planning a ceremony that reflected their relationship and included their community, along with a party that felt as relaxed as it did fun. They had a live Western Swing band at their reception, complete with a dance instructor who taught guests how to do the TEXAS TWO STEP! (At least I think it was the Texas two step.) I had never seen wedding guests so engaged and having so much fun. (And what a relief to not hear the Cupid Shuffle.)

Just the whole thing was amazing. My one wish is that the photos do justice in depicting what a glorious day it was for these women, and for everyone who got to be part of their celebration.

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