Hindu-Catholic Wedding Ceremony | Boston Wedding Photographer

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Two weeks ago, I photographed a really amazing wedding ceremony.  (I know what you’re thinking and YES, they are all amazing in their own way!) This one was a Hindu-Catholic wedding ceremony that incorporated elements of both religious traditions to accommodate both the bride’s and the groom’s backgrounds.  It was stunning.  Not only are they an incredible couple, but the ceremony was colorful, bright, touching, and beautiful.  I always love seeing couples incorporate their own traditions into their wedding ceremonies – it’s an important way to make the day meaningful.  Of course not every couple wants a long and detailed ceremony and that is fine, too!  The key thing is that the ceremony reflects YOU as a couple.

Here are a few photos from the wonderful wedding earlier this month.  Later in the evening, the couple changed into “western” clothing for their reception at Elephant Walk in Cambridge and we got to do portraits all over again!  It was a very special day and a lot of fun.

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