What is Your Family’s Portrait Syle?

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Family portrait season is most robust in the fall, as we all scramble to document our adorable families in the fall foliage, before the New England winter sets in, and in time to make holiday cards. And even in a global pandemic, we can still make safe, socially distant family portraits outdoors! I have been hearing from a lot of families wanting to get sweet family portraits this fall, and there is still more time!

I always think that going into a family portrait session, it helps to know what style of portrait you’re looking for. I categorize family portraits in three groups: traditional, playful, and lifestyle. Pretty generic terms, I know, and they are not really mutually exclusive (full disclosure, I almost ALWAYS include a little bit of each in my family portrait sessions.) Still, knowing which style you prefer helps me make you exactly the family portraits you’re looking for.

To help you figure this out, I made a quiz! (So cute and modern and quirky!) It takes about a minute, and you can click through to see examples of photos that represent the three styles, select your favorite image from each trio, and get an idea for the kinds of photos you like best. Try it! Then get in touch with me so we can schedule a session for you before it gets too cold!

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