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Well you already know that I consider engagement sessions (which you know I call Get to Know You Sessions) a fun way to get to know your photographer and to get comfortable in front of the camera.

But where to do them?  I encourage couples to choose a location that is special and familiar to them, but I also encourage them to stay close to Boston, so that we don’t have to spend hours in the car to and fro. If you are having trouble coming up with a Boston-area location for your Get to Know You Session, here are some of my favorite places – in no particular order.

Wellesley College

I love the Wellesley College campus for many reasons. One, it reminds me of my own alma mater, Mount Holyoke (…insert nostalgic sigh). Two, it’s convenient to highways. And three, plenty of parking. Also the lovely wooded path that runs next to the lake. Also the cool old streetlamps. And who can resist the magical place of tall grass and flowers near the parking garage? (Sadly campus was closed to the public due to Covid, but it is expected to open back up this summer.)

queer couple engagement photos wellesley college

The Moakley Courthouse

No, I don’t mean inside the federal courthouse in the Seaport District (although it actually is kind of cool in there.) I mean the neighborhood, known as Fan Pier, and water views, that surround it. This part of Boston has been completely redeveloped in recent years (some may say “over developed”) and the walking paths along the water are really quite beautiful. This is definitely a late-evening location, though, since the sun is hot and direct for most of the day and it gets crowded with tourists.

Piers Park

I had no idea that East Boston had such a beautiful view of the skyline until I went to Piers Park. The view is stunning and the park lends itself to lots of great photos. I love the landscaping around the pavilion and the late afternoon light reflecting off the water. Note that there isn’t a ton of share so on a long summer day, we may be there around 8:00pm to get the best light and the least squinting.

engagement photos gay couple piers park east boston

The Arnold Arboretum

The Arboretum in Jamaica Plain/Roslindale is sort of a no-brainer when it comes to outdoor portrait photography. The place is so huge and so full of amazing flora that I am just gonna use a double negative and say that you really can’t NOT find a perfect backdrop for beautiful photos. And don’t worry about it being overdone. Though you may see a few other couples and families having their photos taken there, too, the place is plenty big and diverse enough for everyone.

Jamaica Pond

So close to my backyard, I love taking photos around Jamaica Pond. The path around the pond itself is crowded with walkers and joggers and strollers and unruly dogs, but there are lots of hidden out-of-the-way spots where it’s private, shady, and beautiful. We can meet at the JP Boathouse and walk from there. Parking sucks, of course, but where doesn’t it?

jamaica pond engagement photos boston

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