Kaleigh & Michael’s Air Force Wedding | Boston Wedding Photography

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When Kaleigh first contacted me about wedding photography, she and her fiancee didn’t even have a date yet.  That is because with him in the Air Force, they were waiting to choose a date when they knew he would be on leave and could actually attend the wedding!  Since they were on the Air Force’s schedule, they ended up with a December wedding date.  But even though a wedding on a freezing cold December day wasn’t what they initially envisioned, their wedding was an absolutely lovely and joyful celebration.  And we still did all of their family photos outside!

First they got ready across the street from each other in two houses right on the beach in Gloucester, MA.  She was insistent on photos outside, despite the sub-zero temperature, and so we braved the wind for a first look right on the beach.  I am so glad we did!  We had to keep taking breaks in between family portraits so that everyone could warm up, but we got through the outdoor photos and headed to Cruiseport Gloucester for their ceremony and reception.

I think one of the things I liked best about this wedding was working with Kaleigh.  She knew what she wanted, she knew what photos she liked and didn’t like.  She was decisive, organized, and honest so together we made a fantastic plan for getting her all of her ideal wedding photos.  Later, Kaleigh wrote a testimonial that said, “[Leise] was so relaxed and made us feel so comfortable, we knew that our wedding day would be perfect…I would recommend Leise to anyone I know. She is fun, down to earth and made our wedding day so much more special.”

Awwwww!  Kaleigh, the admiration is mutual!








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