First, since I know you’re wondering, my name is pronounced just like “Lisa.”
(ICYMI, go back and read more about me here.)

Second, welcome to Leise Jones Photography!

All of my clients are very valuable and I want to make sure that each photography experience is wonderful, easy, and results in the images you’re looking for! Out of fairness to my clients and myself, I enforce the following policies for all photography work.

  • All clients must sign a contract agreeing to terms and conditions in order to schedule their photography work.
  • All portrait sessions begin at the agreed upon start time, regardless of Client arrival time. Clients must allow time for travel, parking, and any necessary preparations before the session begins.
  • Cancellations of any photography work for reasons other than extreme weather events, illness, emergencies, or other so-called Acts of God must be made at least 24 hours in advance to avoid being billed for the session.
  • Leise reserves the right to edit, use and publish any of her photographs for the purpose of marketing Leise Jones Photography and for showing examples of work, including but not limited to: Leise Jones’s website, Facebook page, Twitter page and blog. Images will not be used for any commercial purpose without permission.
  • Clients understand and agree that Leise is being hired to provide an artistic service and that art is inherently subjective. Leise reserves the creative license and right to edit and release only those photographs deemed as professional in quality and within her artistic standards. Leise is not responsible for moments missed due to causes beyond her control such as: interference of the public; weather conditions; children’s temperaments or behavior; schedule complications; unreasonable timelines; existing backgrounds or lighting conditions; or other causes which may negatively impact or restrict the photography.
  • Leise may edit proofs for color correction, contrast and tone but there will be no retouching or advanced correction applied to any proof images. Images ordered as prints and/or high resolution digital files will receive retouching to meet the Photographer’s standards. Additional editing and retouching requested by Clients may require additional fees at Photographer’s hourly editing rate of sixty ($60.00) per hour.
  • There is no charge for reshoots due to technical issues (equipment malfunction, computer malfunction, etc.). Reshoots are not offered for any reason due to client regret over wardrobe, facial expressions, hair styles, wind, weather or other items beyond the Photographer’s control.
  • Clients will be granted specific licenses outlining the terms of use for any high resolution digital files that they have purchased. Images may not be used for any purposes other than what is dictated in the license unless they have received permission from the Photographer. The Photographer retains the final copyright to all photographs.
  • The Federal Copyright Act protects photographers by granting us exclusive rights to reproduce our images. Violations include, but are not limited to, making illegal copies, scanning, printing from home without a print release, downloading from our website/social media sites, or screenshots from your galleries of images you do not wish to purchase. It is illegal to copy or reproduce these photographs in any manner without our permission and violators of this Federal Law will be subjected to its civil and criminal penalties.
  • Payments for portrait sessions must be received before or at the time of the portrait session.
  • Payments for prints and products are due before any products are ordered or retouching has begun.
  • Payment for any event photography is due upon receipt of an invoice and must be received before images will be released.