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In this age of digital marketing and social media, having dynamic photographs that tell your company’s story, depict your mission, and communicate your brand are key to excellent online and print marketing materials.  I love these storytelling projects because they allow me to learn what makes an organization great and then communicate that story through photographs.  We start with the organization’s mission, then ask what makes the organization different from its competition, then decide what kinds of people will be best to tell that story.  We pick a date, select a location, and get started shooting.  No models, no actors.  I work with real people to show how your company or organization solves customers’ problems.  My process is highly collaborative and creative and we don’t wrap up a shoot until we’re sure that the photographs tell the right stories.  In either a half day or full day of shooting, these photography projects result in beautiful photos that elevate marketing materials and help your organization stand out.