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When your organization hosts an event – whether it’s a fundraising gala, a conference, a training, or a lecture series – if you don’t document it, then it didn’t happen.  But excellent event photos serve as more than just historic documentation; they serve in promotional materials for the next event.  They serve as thank you gifts to hosts, speakers, and donors.  They serve as news coverage when you send them to media outlets.  And they can be engines of engagement when shared on social media.  When I document an event for a business or non-profit organization, I make photos that serve all of these purposes and more.  To do that effectively, I ask questions like, “What will these photos be used for?” and “Who are the VIPs attending?”  and “Which photos do you want to send to the newspaper in the morning?”  My goal is to make sure that your event photos tell the whole story of your event, from behind the scenes to behind the podium.