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When there are little kids in the mix, sometimes the easiest location for a family portrait session is your own backyard.  No need to pack everyone up and get in the car – save all of that energy and time for playing together and making beautiful photos!  I have found that the kids warm up to me more quickly and are more eager to play and be themselves when we’re in their own home, rather than in a new place that they aren’t familiar with.  And when kids can play and act like kids, I think it results in the best family photos!  It’s not easy – or very natural – for little kids to sit still and have their picture taken, so instead I encourage parents and kids to engage in games, tickle fests, and rolling in the grass.  You’ll love the natural-looking results and you don’t even have to leave home.

  • The Subject Energetic Kids
  • The Setting Their Own Backyard