Tips to Prepare for your Portrait Session

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Your portrait session is coming up and you want to look like the smart, accomplished, impressive, confident, and savvy professional that you are.  Here are some tips to help you prepare for your session so that you can show up ready to look your best.

1.  Take care of yourself in the days and nights before your photo.  Specifically, get plenty of sleep and drink a lot of water!
2.  We want you want to look and feel comfortable, not brand new.  So don’t get your hair cut or colored the day before, don’t get a facial the morning of your session, and don’t wear clothes right off the rack that you have never worn. Haircuts should be at least one week before the session.
3.  Choose clothes that fit well and flatter your shape, that are classic and won’t look dated in a few years.  I recommend that you wear the kind of clothing you wear to work each day. Your portrait should be as authentic as possible.Portrait Photography
4.  Avoid distracting patterns, stark white, all black, turtlenecks, and very bright colors that will distract from your face.  If you’re wearing a tie, make sure it matches your suit, is tied correctly, and hangs straight.  If you’re wearing a sweater or jacket, make sure it fits properly when you’re sitting and standing so that we can work with a variety of poses.
5.  Even if you don’t wear makeup on a normal day, consider putting on a little concealer and a little bit of shading around the eyes.  Don’t be too heavy handed – the goal is to bring out your features but not overpower them.  Also always go with matte makeup – never shimmery!
6.  Bring your makeup and hair accessories with you so that we can touch up if needed.  Bring a small pocket mirror just in case there isn’t a mirror nearby.Portrait Photography
7.  The day before, look at yourself in a mirror and practice your smile!  It helps to know what smile you like best and what side you like best.  (We’re all asymmetrical and everyone has a “better side.”)
8.  Trust your photographer.  You hired a professional, right?  Follow our suggestions and be willing to try new poses that you might not have considered.  You may love them!Portrait Photography
9.  Don’t be too hard on yourself.  We are all flawed and we all see our flaws more clearly than anyone else does.  Try to be open minded and accept your appearance.  Know that blemishes, stray hairs, and some facial lines can be retouched, but have realistic expectations!
10.  Don’t over think it!  Being photographed isn’t easy for most people so relax and smile as if the camera were an old friend.  Don’t obsess!  It will all be over soon and you’ll have professional photos that you love. Portrait Photography


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