If you’ve chosen to build your photography career around wedding photography, then you must agree that weddings can be beautiful events to witness. You likely already have invested in cameras, lenses, technical training, and some practice. And yet, while enthusiasm, gear, and technical skill are prerequisites for a wedding photographer, they alone won’t help you grow a business.

What about marketing, sales, pricing, your website, social media, networking, client management, invoicing, contracts, and products? All of these things, combined with your beautiful photography, are what help you build a sustainable business. Being a great image-maker is where you’re starting. I can help you be a great businessperson, too.

I know because that is how I started, too. 10 years ago, I started out with gear and ambition, some training, and lots of potential. But without mentors to help me learn, I never would have been able to build a successful business. So now, I am passing it forward, offering mentorship and coaching to photographers with less than 3 years of professional experience who have solid technical skills and are looking to improve their photography while growing their businesses.

How it works: This is a 3-month program that includes 2 monthly one-on-one sessions. During these open-ended discussions, I help aspiring photographers:

– Define their ideal client and target market within the wedding industry

– Create marketing materials, including a website and social media feeds, to attract their ideal clients

– Review pricing, packages, and products

– Gain feedback on basic composition, lighting, and posing techniques

– Create a positive client experience so that their business gains more referrals

– Make their workflow, editing, and production process more efficient and effective

– Manage the logistics of a busy wedding day, including the clients’ needs and wants, family dynamics, and shot lists

– Know common wedding pitfalls and how to avoid them

This is a limited program! Since I want to give each participant the attention they deserve, I only work with a small number of photographers during each 3-month program. Each photographer will receive two one-hour phone calls or meetings each month. Whenever possible, I also invite participants to come to weddings and events with me, to observe me at work and practice their craft.

To apply:

Interested photographers can email a cover letter explaining where they are in their business, what they hope to improve upon, what they love most about weddings, and where they see their business progressing in five years. Please also send a link to your current website and/or wedding portfolio. Send all materials to leise@leisejones.com.

About Me:

Since 2009, Leise Jones Photography has created thousands of authentic, natural-looking photographs of people and events. Award-winning photographer and owner Leise Jones delivers photographs that tell a story, commemorate important days and communicate a mission for small business, non-profit and wedding clients. She also teaches up-and-coming photographers with private mentorship programs and community education classes. Because of the company’s focus on helping people feel comfortable enough to be themselves in front of the camera, Leise Jones Photography has won Couples’ Choice Awards since 2015 and consistently receives unanimous five-star reviews on Yelp and Wedding Wire.