What is “Perfect” Anyway?

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I love weddings.  Everyone is so happy and looks so beautiful and is there to have fun.  Wedding days aren’t like any other days – they really do have magic.

But you know what else weddings have? A lot of hype.

Have you ever heard someone say that your wedding should be “the best day of your life?” Or as you talk about wedding planning, people warn you that it’s going to be so stressful and overwhelming. “You won’t get to eat,” they say. “It all goes by in a blur,” they’ll tell you. Yes, the dominant narrative around weddings is that they should be perfect and you should be perfect, but that it probably won’t be and neither are you, and therefore you’re probably going to lose your shit.

Well, I choose to reject this narrative around weddings, and instead help couples zero in on what they are most excited about, what parts of the day they can’t wait to look back on, who they are most excited to see, what photos they’re most excited to have, and what they hope their guests will enjoy the most.

I figure that in changing the narrative around weddings, maybe I can change the whole industry from peddling expectations of perfection and instead creating expectations of authenticity. (And before you ask, this actually has A LOT to do with wedding photography, and that will be a forthcoming blog post.)

Here is what I believe about weddings:

I believe that weddings should be fun, not perfect.

I believe that the people at your wedding matter way more than the stuff.

I believe that your wedding likely won’t be THE best day of your life; it will be ONE OF THE best days of your life.

I believe that choosing to commit to live your life to another person is sacred and beautiful and worthy of a giant party, but does not require spending $100,000.

I believe that if you’re having fun at your wedding, you’re going to look amazing in your photos.

I believe that couples should spend more time focusing on each other during their wedding, instead of focusing on inane details.

I believe that all weddings should be feminist weddings.

I believe that your wedding photos should show you, the REAL you, on your wedding day.

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